Wednesday, August 24, 2011


You know when you have an idea of what something should be like and then reality sets in...well it happens to me more than not. For Ex: our honeymoon. I picture Hawaii so different in my head and then I get so happened to be right after a fire and everything was closed so early(Maui) but never the less it was memorable. Well I have always wanted to live in the City so Ry had to travel to Chicago and so we thought we would ride the train in to visit him and see the sites.
Dream: ride on the train quick and easy  Reality: delayed at the train station for 5 hours, trains are down so we have to ride a bus. But it was memorable
 Cali got the whole front seat to herself and I let her eat Cheetos. She talked all 5 hours.
After all the talking she crashes when Ry picks us up.

One thing that was so great was seeing Ry during daylight...'ry usually comes home when its dark at home but in Chicago he was off by 5-6 and we got to see him so we planned to go pottery painting together for FHE. 

Cali and Daddy painting her Cali girl cup.

Another day went went to the riverwalk in Naperville. They had a little story time performance which was pretty funny.

Cali getting into the fountain. Everyone was doing it so she wasn't white trash. 

Another day went to the beach. Funny cause all the building are right

Cali loved riding the trains in Chicago. She says the green one was dirty...this lead to a not so good part of town..we missed the connecting train.Don't do the green line.

Cali on her way to see Pinkalicious..Which was so cute!!!

She was so excited to see her then freaked out once she met her.  After the play we ate at the Hancock building Signature Room. Then off to Sprinkles to eat her pink cupcake like Pinkalicious
My friend Abby and her daughter Haley came up to Chicago. We ate cupcakes at Sprinkles, went to Millineium Park and braved the 110 degree weather. We had some great Chicago style pizza and got to visit. I so want to go back except with no was alot of walking , lots of heat, and lots of people. Dream: live in the city  Reality: love my suburban life.  I was so happy that week. I got to spend so much time with Ry and Cali and see my friend. Can't wait for a girls weekend.


Sundbergs said...

Funny how are minds play tricks on us of what things can be like. Cali looks so cute in all the pictures.

Taits said...

Cali is a doll and it looked like you all had a great time! I love you all.