Friday, April 15, 2011


My friend and I were talking the other day. I sent her this link about job interviews and questions you might get asked. As we went through these questions we laughed and thought how great it would be to actually tell how you feel when asked these questions. The truth shall set you free. Now days the truth will get you fired, demoted, not hired, slapped, persecuted and denied.  At home kids lie in fear of disappointment. Those same kids grow up, go to college cheat on exams and group projects, then go to the  work field and lie again so their employer isn't disappointed in them. They are so afraid of failure that they avoid trying just to get some recognition.
 We had a lesson about this on Sunday. We talked about Honesty. We did tease if a woman ask: Do I look fat in this and a husband says no, is he being honest. Okay okay so you might want to be impolite but point out the positive. Win win.
So many women gave stories and examples of their belief in honesty. I went home and pondered this:  Honesty to me is living in truth in all you do and say. Not comprising your values for personal gain or others success.
This includes telling the whole story, completing your task, and being honest with yourself.
I find people justify the truth by not completing the whole task. They complete the part that will quickly benefit them and leave the rest for someone else to handle. They will omit information and supplement other false information for gain. Waiting to see if anyone noticed. ....When looking at the big -picture it can go undetected. But for those picking up the aftermath it becomes quite clear as to how this gets achieved. Here is the cross road. Do you go down that crooked road or do you stay on the straight and narrow. You may have to take a few steps back at times and your advancement is walked with baby steps but at least you know where the light at the end of the road is coming from.  Light of Christ can never be mistaken and I am thankful that my family and friends take that road. I am so impressed with their honest behavior in all they do. They don't compromise their values just to get ahead. If they try and stumble they dust themselves off and try again. Failure to me is never trying to do your best.
So if honesty gets you fired or persecuted and occasionally denied it will be okay. Cause when you fall just reach out your hand and he will be there helping you up and guiding you to another opportunity.


Zana said...

I love popping in to see new getaway (I'm ready for one of those :)

Honesty, hmmm...lately James can't handle my honesty. It seems my honesty can be brutal with nursing hormones.

devinandamie said...

Alma. Your comment on my blog made me miss having someone around like you. AAANd there IS no one like you, so I guess I miss you. I just felt too sappy to say it. :) AAAH,, I really do miss so many of you people. Some more than others. How are you?

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