Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dorian in Cali

Dorian's window seat shot.dorians plane video

Dorian and his friends.

picture with his TT who was waiting for him at the gate

His Ry Ry

He loves his cousinsDorian getting his cousin to make sounds
& his Jordy

So Dorian went to Cali to visit his TT & her girls. He went last year for 2 weeks but this year he flew alone and stayed longer. He did great. Here are some videos he took with his new ITouch...they are hilarious. It sums up Dorian's personality mingled with technology.


Taits said...

So, so cut - and totally Dorian. Loved the dinosaur movie and the movie with all the kids making noises. I love him.

Taits said...

'sorry about the misspelling. cute

Zana said...

Lucky Dorian & I loved feeling like I was trippin' it with you guys in Chicago. Very cool memories for both kids!

Great picture of Cali with pinkalicious, a classic